Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guixa getting ready to collect the signatures

Speaking to Barcelona site Eleccions FCB, Eugeni Casas [picture, at the right], the campaign director of Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Guixà [picture, in the centre], has said that the candidacy is already preparing to gather the more than 2000 signatures of club members needed to take part in the final vote:

"We will get them. The first time [in 2006] we weren't ready for it. Now we are. We can count on a team of 22 people who are working every day to prepare the collection of the signatures and the campaign. We are very motivated and we're sure that Jaume Guixà is a serious candidate to win the elections.

We are convinced that we will obtain the signatures. And moreover, our signatures will be 100% reliable and there won't be any doubles among them, as will happen with the other candidates. We will fight until the last day to convince the club members. We are the real alternative."

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  1. pep, i read somewhere that Rosell might consider getting a shirt sponsor for our jersey. if that is true, there goes another thing that’s so unique about our club.

  2. post about what he "really" said coming up, barca96 :-)