Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Rosell could take part in the elections

Catalan sports weekly paper Gol claims that Catalan businessman Joan Rosell might take part in the elections in June after former Barcelona president Joan Gaspart could have recommended to possible candidate Ferran Soriano to include Rosell in his candidacy.

Joan Rosell is a 62-year old businessman who is most known as the president of the 'Foment del Treball Nacional', the federation of Catalan employers. Rosell, who has in the past several times been rumoured to run for president himself, is also a board member of the club's foundation.

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  1. note:
    joan rosell has no family links with sandro rosell

  2. When did Soriano get friendly with Gaspart? I hate Gaspart, his reign was a period of such hopelessness and frustration.

  3. well, gaspart is a member of the board of spanair, that has been taken over by catalan businessmen who appointed soriano as chairman.

    guess gaspart is getting friendly with all those who have a chance to win to avoid the next president lifting the veils about his time at the club...

  4. Tell me why Laporta didn't do that. After all the 2003 board had to face the brunt of the damage caused by Gaspart. Its become one of the things the other candidates (like Benedito) are holding against him.

  5. basically because this is catalonia, kamikaze. everyone knows each other and it's better not to get on a wrong foot with some people.

    one more concrete explanation is that laporta would have agreed to keep the closets closed if gaspart allowed him (meaning: not talk about it) to put some more deficit on the 2002-2003 season so he could start his mandate with a cleaner sheet (see the latest "bank guarantee" case).

    the laporta-gaspart deal would have been sealed during a meeting at the majestic hotal in the centre of barcelona after the 2003 elections.