Thursday, May 13, 2010

[video] Rosell presenting his candidacy

On Tuesday, Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell presented his candidacy. This video shows the build-up to his speech.


  1. Sanro Rosell's team has just sent an e-mail to me about his plans for the club.It also includes an attachment of 11 pages but I cant understand anything as its in Catalan I guess,and he asked-for those who are interested-to reply to him for more information.very interesting.

  2. people can also find his full election program (in catalan and spanish) on the campaign website:

  3. mido, do me a favor.
    tell rosell not to sign mata as we have pedro and bojan. if he wants to sign, sign villa and silva.
    and keep YAYA! :)

  4. rosell cares so much for the foreign socios that he haven't even written his program in english? :)

    mr rosell said that players can be 40 or 50% more expensive now, but is he aware of the fact that they can be a lot more expensive after the world cup tournamnet where they can shine?

    rosell is so happy with the current model of cantera and its successes but does he really wants to sack alexanco and replace him with somebody else?

  5. LoL Barca96,I hope really also that Mata stays at Valencia and I cant see him addidng to us anything more than Pedro,I would die to see Villa here but TBH Silva would be the best addition to our squad.