Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rosell linked with Valencia winger Mata

Valencia regional newspaper Levante-EMV claims that Barcelona presidential candidate Sabndro Rosell has reached a personal deal with Valencia left winger Juan Mata (22).

If Rosell would be elected as president of FC Barcelona on 13 June, Mata would join Barcelona for a transfer fee of 20 million euros. The player would triple his year salary and get a little less than 2,5 million euros each season.

Speaking at a press conference today, Mata has denied the rumours: "I don't have signed a contract or a pre-agreement with anyone. At this time of the season, there are names of players and clubs popping up everywhere, but there's still a league game and a World Cup ahead.

I won't let myself be distracted by the stream of rumours. I have a contract with Valencia, I'm happy and have a lot of years left here. The most important thing for me is the sporting aspect and I cannot complain there since I have played a lot this season. The rest are only rumours."

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  1. Pep, ayer en la presentación de Rosell estaba Amador Bernabéu, el abuelo de Gerard Piqué y ex-directivo del FCB en la época de Núñez.
    En la web de Sandro hay 1 video de 1 minuto y 26 segundos titulado "presentació oficial". En el 1:14 segundos está Rosell bajando las escaleras y un señor con pelo blanco y gafas le dá la mano tan fuerte que casi se la rompe. Ése señor es el abuelo de Piqué. Me parece divertido.


    Me llamo Peter.

  2. sí, peter, habia leído que amador bernabéu estaba presente como otros ex-directivos (jaume llauradó y otros).

    vamos a postear el video pronto!

  3. translations please anony and pep.

  4. peter pointed out that there's a video of the presentation of sandro rosell (which i've put up in the meantime) where the grandfather of gerard piqué appears.

  5. oh wow. so pep's father was there as well and now pique's as well. i wonder where busquets father was.hehe