Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Live Coverage: Press conference Sandro Rosell

today at 7:30 pm, barcelona presidential candidate sandro rosell will give his first press conference ahead of the elections. we will follow it live. refresh!

rosell arriving at his seat earlier today:

people at the seat waiting for the press conference:

rosell still in the offices of his campaign headquarters. the press conference would be postponed for 10 minutes.

it is expected that rosell will give a brief explanation of his election program (that is already available at his new website http://www.sandrorosell.com/) and that he then will present his board team. tomorrow he will answer questions from the press at another press conference.

team members of sandro rosell waiting for his arrival, at the frontrow jordi cardoner on the right and javier faus at the left.

rosell arriving

speech rosell:
"welcome at our seat, we want this to be a meeting point for barcelona fans over the coming weeks.

a while ago i said "never say never". now i say "now". i present my candidacy for the presidency of fc barcelona.

why only now? i waited because i wanted to respect the team and the club. we didn't want to put more pressure on the players and i wanted to follow the statuted.

first i want to ask an applause for the team. [applause]

we want a barça that is more participatory, we want a happy barça, where the members are proud on their club.

i present myself because i am a great barcelona fan and because i love catalonia. i want to make barça a reference in the world and i feel capable of leading a project.

i am a member, i want to be president but stay a member.

i feel surrounded by a great team of professionals, a great group of barcelona fans from 30 somethings to 60 somethings.

the club member needs to recover a voice in the club. we want to give the general assemblies more power.

we want a family club, starting with the game hours and the animation at the camp nou.

i think i know the world of football well and i want to bring this experience to the club. i have helped the club sign players like ronaldinho, deco, eto'o and pedro.

we want to sign great players at reasonable prices, it's possible, but we will do it in coordination with the coach. but our main cornerstone will be the youth academy.

we also want to strengthen the economic area.

another important thing is how we see the barça of 2020. i for example want a stadium that is remodelled, not with the foster project. a more particpatory barcelona.

we are all barça."

end of the speech.

a video has started with friends, family members and collaborators of rosell giving their opinions.


  1. Eto'o?

    And ...

    are we going to have a photograph of Pep somewhere ? The elusive man behind the consummate Barça blogs ?

  2. i'm only there to serve the club in the background, kamikaze ;-)

  3. ok, the event has ended.

    i guess we can stick with two concrete things: no to the foster project (which this blog already announced - and all candidates are against foster) and the fact that he suggests to have deals with players but that he first wants to discuss them with guardiola.

    in the coming days, his candidacy will give more details about their program, probably starting at a press conference tomorrow.

    ps. i admit the best thing from the live coverage were the pictures... :-)

  4. that took less than 30 mins! rosell doesnt mess with time does he lol.

    anyway, the pics were a scoop for sure. your sources are impeccable :)

    thanks for the coverage!

  5. ps i thought he tried to block eto'o from coming? hmm..

  6. Mentiroso Rosell. He didn't want to offend Florentino by going after Samu. That was Laporta's call. Also, this is the man who wanted to hire Scolari lol. Sad that people fail to see how overrated this guy is.