Sunday, May 9, 2010

The number: 14.000-15.000

Barcelona presidential candidates Santiago Salvat and Jaume Guixà respectively want to add 14.000 and 15.000 seats to the Camp Nou stadium.


  1. unfortunately i have never been to camp nou.
    but is there actually still some space left in the stadium to build more seats?
    and i find it quite sad to see a lot of empty seats during at least 1/3 of the matches.
    i wish it was more like in the epl.
    are the tickets too expensive?
    in england even though every year it gets more pricey but the supporters keep on filling the stadiums week in and week out

  2. In relation to disposable income of the locals the ticket prices are astronomical.

  3. i don't think the ticket prices are the main problem. one of the big issues is season-ticket holders not going to see the games and not putting their seats on the market through the re-sale system set up by the club.

    and don't forget it's a stadium of 98.000 seats, something you don't have in the epl. what is a full stadium in the epl, would be a stadium with a lot of empty seats in barcelona...

  4. I often heard, that the season ticket holders actually often use the seiient lliure system (would be stupid if not, because they get most of the money back if the seat gets resold), but for certain games you just can't sell enough of them to fill the camp nou.

  5. oh yeah you're right pep.
    i never took the stadium capacities in epl into account before making the comment. but its really a nice sight to see a full house stadium. recently being at the inter match. i got tears in my eyes.
    so passionate..