Thursday, May 13, 2010

The program of Sandro Rosell

Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell answered yesterday at a press conference questions about his project.

If Pep agrees, we will always support the transfers. But from experience, we know that signing players before elections could cost you 30 to 50 per cent more than when you do it after them, so you should take that into account.

We don't want to talk about which people should stay or leave because that's something you should do from 14 June on. If it's true that Txiki leaves, we have candidates to fill his place.

Having a deal with Higuain would mean we're not thinking about Barça but about other things. No, that rumour is not true.

The favourite in the elections is always the continuity candidate, whoever that may be this time because I admit I'm a bit lost.

We will talk with him about how he sees his task as honorary president but the members will also have their say.

Pedro and Jeffren
We went to sign them in Tenerife for 30.000 euro each.

We'll build a new Palau with 10.000-12.000 seats and a little Palau with 2.000-3.000 seats.

I don't think it would be good that candidates claim Guardiola just to make a good impression on the club members. But it's a fact that he's a good friend of mine for about 20 years.

We won't agree with everything he proposes. He didn't sign yet but he gave his word and I'm sure that he will stay. But we'll only agree with his proposals if we like them. If he asks something we don't like, we won't follow him. But we know that everything he will ask will be reasonable. If we win,we will reach an agreement in 15 minutes.

I would want him to stay for many years. A bit like Ferguson, although then I'm talking about the time in office not about the function.

Economic situation
If we're elected, we will do audits and of course explain to the members, who is the owner of the club, the real situation, no matter who would or would not be happy with that.

It would be contradictory to have Unicef on your chest and have deals with countries like Uzbekistan. If those deals exist, we will immediately cancel them.

New technologies
The 2.0 technologies will be very important to communicate with the club members.

There's nothing.

Barcelona Atlètic
If the team promotes to the second division, they will play the main home games at the Camp Nou.

Ronaldinho commission
No comment, I refer to the press release we've put out.

Electoral pacts
We won't make a deal with anyone.

Foster project
We won't maintain the project and given the current cost of that, no one else will do that either. It's impossible. We nevertheless want to remodel and cover the stadium.

Radical fan groups
I congratulate president Laporta for the courage decision to keep them out of the stadium.

We think it's unacceptable that the general director of the club uses money of the club members to investigate directors of the club.

Current Barça
Regarding the sports area, this is the best Barça in history. Economically and socially it is not.

Limiting number of members
We will not cut the number but we will regulate the entrance of new members. The current system doesn't work. New technologies will help in this area.

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  1. 1. Someone should tell Rosell that the first match of the World Cup starts two days before the election and the players are already with their national 15 days before that.
    From experience he probably knows that a World Cup has a bigger impact on prices than an election.

    2. It's understandable that he won't say that he's the favourite right now. But saying that the favourite in the elections is _always_ the continuity candidate is absurd. What about 2003?

    3. His comments about Guardiola make me think that he will dictate the rules and if Guardiola doesn't adapt to them he won't coach the team next year.

  2. Very interesting to see the Atletic team playing at the Camp Nou,it would be a dream for our young players.IMHO His comment about transfers makes is a very smart one.He knows that Laporta may finish one or 2 transfer before the WC probably one of them is David Villa so the team will not need players when he takes over Laporta,so I think that Sandro should meet Laporta and Pep to discuss transfers if he really wants the best for Barca.Thanks Pep for your work BTW

  3. seems he's gonna have a lot of say on the transfers. his statements on how he plans to deal with guardiola seems a bit of hard line. the coach recommends we get players mostly cos he needs them, its not out of whimsy or anything like that. the board should give it consideration and not say if we dont like his ideas we junk them. thats being petulant. i bet he's not going for those star signings cos he's pretty confident of winning, but who knows later. he's gonna want to put his own stamp on the team if he wins.

  4. *a bit a hard line

  5. "If we win,we will reach an agreement in 15 minutes."

    He also said that he wants to offer Guardiola a 6 year contract. It looks like he missed some statements of Pep (or he simply ignored those statements) about the renewal.
    That 15 minutes won't be enough with this attitude.

  6. The father of Pep was in Sandro's presentation... :-)

  7. good questions and equally good answers that will clear some doubts about him.
    only one answer didnt leave a good taste with me.
    "We went to sign them in Tenerife for 30.000 euro each."
    what is that supposed to mean? i was hoping that he will reassure us that he will keep pedro and bojan instead of boasting how cheap they were.
    btw what is palau? is that a stadium for the youth teams younger than athletic?
    btw i dont really think its a good idea to let athletic to play in camp nou. it will wear the grass at a faster pace especially during winter.

  8. the palau is the place where the basketball and other teams play their home games, barca96.

    more information:

  9. Would have been good to know his take on youth development

  10. as far as youth development is concerned, sid, he would want to keep the current model and try to strengthen the youth academy (i think there might be some proposals in the pipeline there, maybe concerning the globalization). what he probably will change is some of the staff.

  11. i once read (long ago) statements rosell supposedly made about our cantera system which struck me as being anti cantera. as i recall ( hope i have that write up/quote saved somewhere in my pc) he said the club shouldnt be obliged to tap players from the cantera and the sense i got is that he favors foreign players for some reason.