Monday, May 10, 2010

[pictures] Presidential candidates in Paris

Barcelona's basketball team played yesterday the final of the Euroleague Basketball, the most important European club competition. Barcelona defeated Olympiacos 86-68. It is the club's second Euroleague title.

Four Barcelona presidential candidates assisted the game in Paris: Sandro Rosell [first picture below, during friday's semi-final against cska moscow], Marc Ingla [picture above], Jaume Ferrer [third picture below, in the centre] and Agustí Benedito [second picture below].


  1. Ferrer is the only one who has been seated like JACK Nicholson, genuine advantage...takeing part on all official events, or could it be turned against him ???

  2. lol if ferrer is like jack nicholson, then who is laporta? mark cuban? lol