Monday, April 26, 2010

Former player Archibald linked with elections

Asked if he has received a proposal to join a candidacy that will take part in the presidential elections, former Barcelona player Steve Archibald didn't want to enter the issue in an interview with Spanish television station TVE:

"Oh man, you know you cannot ask those things. Certainly not when we're live on air. You could ask me after the show. While we're drinking a beer."

Steve Archibald played for Barcelona from 1984 to 1988, winning a Spanish league title in 1985. The former striker is currently a player's agent and lives in Barcelona. The 53-year old Scotsman is also a radio and television pundit at Barcelona's official media and regularly takes part in games played by the club's retired footballers.

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  1. He also is the on air partner of Nick Simons for R@dio Barça and Barça TV.

  2. thanks, IBES, didn't know that. will add that.