Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rexach confirms his support for Rosell

In his weekly column in Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo, former Barcelona player and coach Carles Rexach has confirmed his support for Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell:

"I recently had the occasion to speak at length with Sandro, and I must admit that his enthusiasm, his ideas and his nobility have convinced me.

I might not know anything else, but few can give me lessons about football. And I must admit that Sandro knows something about football. And he has clear ideas about how a club should be managed in the 21st century.

Sandro Rosell can count on my support. He told me that he would want me to add my experience if he is elected as president. I told him that, if I can, I'll be happy to cooperate, but my dream is to continue enjoying the football of Barça and to feel proud of the club's president."

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Rexach met last week with Rosell and told the former sports vice-president that he would publicly announce that he would vote for him. Because there wouldn't be any more vacancies in the sports structure of Rosell, Rexach wouldn't for now get a specific task within the candidacy.

Rexach reportedly made his decision last-minute after he had first considered to run for president and was then close to joining the candidacy that was set up by former Barcelon presidential candidates Josep Maria Minguella and Jordi Medina and that will be led by Catalan businessman Santiago Salvat (read more here).

Asked about the rumoured support of Rexach, Rosell had said on Monday evening during a seminar: "Charly is a living myth, a great person whom everyone would want to talk with if he would be here today. He is a guy who knows a lot about football, he knows how Barça is working and it would be pleasure if he would join our team."

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  1. "Rosell met last week with Rosell"

    Split personality? :-)

  2. just checking every now and then if you're all still paying attention, feech... ;-)

  3. what happened with rexach and cruyff before?
    what turned their relationship sour?

  4. cruyff thought that rexach, who was his assistant coach at the time, should have left with him when cruyff was dismissed in 1996 (instead of taking over as caretaker).

  5. I don't know why i get the feeling that his whole thing about Rexach thinking about being a candidate for president was just a tool to get some votes from Barca's club memebers that liked him...and that in the end it was always meant that he would join Rosell's candidacy. So now Rexach's voters will go into Rosell's yard .Maybe it's just me , but you never know..

  6. yea i know they were in charge of the team but why is cruyff mad at rexach for staying? why can't he make his own decisions? i mean, why does cryuff wants rexach to follow him? everyone has their own ambitions.

  7. you're not the only one who thinks it was all a bit of a set-up, johnny. in catalonia, more people see it that way.

  8. then the concept of 'loyalty' comes into the discussion, barca96. and maybe a given word?

  9. yeah, i noticed that cruyff really puts loyalty and trust very highly. like when he said that, a word from pep that he will stay for another more year is enough. no need for pen on paper.

    so in this case, rexach told cruyff that they will leave together but rexach made a u-turn?

  10. I don't think Rexach promised anything. Most managers believe that if they are fired, then their assistants should not accept the job and resign in protest. Some managers don't care.

    Cruyff thought that Rexach should have quit but did not as a sign of loyalty. I am not saying Cruyff is right, just explaining that he thought Rexach would have quit after Gaspart told him he was fired by Nunez. It was not a classy firing to say the least.