Monday, April 19, 2010

The Quote: Agusti Benedito

"If I'm elected as president, I will cut the number of club members. There shouldn't be many more members than there are season-ticket holders."

Agustí Benedito,
Barcelona presidential candidate

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  1. and why shouldn't there be more club members than season ticket holders?

  2. we should wait for the final explanation about it, he would have a plan where the number of members would be limited in some way but that there would be other alternatives to be linked to the club with some kind of association card. we'll see.

    personally, i don't see the link member-ticket holder either. but in catalonia there is some fear among season ticket holders that non-season ticket holders would take over the club and redistribute the season tickets. i think the fear is totally irrational but as we all know in time of elections fear can attract votes.

    i think in general (i repeat: we should hear about benedito's and others' concrete plans) it in any way would totally go against the open and universal values of the club if membership would be cut just like that.

  3. Does he want to be back where the club were before "el gran repte"? And what would he do with the lost income?

  4. exactly chris..
    where are we supposed to get the money from unless we become like arsenal, don't sign any players :p

  5. whatever does he mean!?