Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Quote: Sandro Rosell

"We will be 'catalanistas' and 'barcelonistas'. On Saturdays, my father let me listen to the disk of the Declaration of the Republic by Francesc Macià. And he instilled it into me. And I copied it and my friends came to our home to listen to it. And on Sundays, we went to the Camp Nou to see Barça."

Sandro Rosell,
Barcelona presidential candidate

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  1. note:
    francesc macià was the catalan president from 1932 to 1933

  2. Rosell has to do better than this. It is about time. Most of the non-continuity candidates are campaigning on more or less the same issues but once they get past the cut of signatures there will be only one left and since these are real issues which need to be addressed; members have a good chance of being persuaded to vote either for the continuity or one of these options.

    All Rosell seems to be doing is making himself visible and moving in the right power circles. A victory to such a style of campaign would be an insult to Barça's democratic system and a regression into the pre-2003 days.

  3. they are reading us, kamikaze, so let's see if they have received the message... :-)

  4. Pep, A poser.

    You witnessed the pleas from the players, the club and the newspapers to get, not just support, but loud, noisy passionate support for tonight's game. That this has been missing the last few years, could it have something to do with Laporta getting rid of the Boixes Nois ?

  5. it's not only missing the last years, kamikaze, it has always been like that. we could try to find sociological explanations about the nature of catalan people for that. but let's see what the new generations will bring, there seems to be some new vibes.

  6. That cant be true, Pep. 10 yrs back the stadium had a 120 000 capacity and it used to be filled up. Bobby Robson described the stadium as a city by itself.

    The new generations seem to be the problem.

  7. hmmm kamikaze...i remember it like yesterday.
    it was exactly 10 years ago when they had to play music on loud speakers and possibly receiving a ban to bring some atmosphere to the stadium.
    it was in a match against valencia in which we won but lost on was the 2nd leg of CL semi-final. that was a sad day..night.