Friday, April 30, 2010

Official election calendar announced

During a board meeting this morning, the Barcelona board of directors has made a decision on the final electoral calendar ahead of the elections that will be held on Sunday 13 June. The timetable in the end looks like this:

Monday 10 May
Publication of the call of elections

Friday 14 May
Draw for the designation of the members of the Electoral Board and Table

Sunday 16 May
Act of constitution of the Electoral Board and Table

Monday 17 - Friday 21 May
Display of the Electoral Roll and claims against the Electoral Roll

Monday 24 May
Resolution of claims by the Board of Directors and passing of the definitive Roll

Tuesday 25 May - Tuesday 1 June
Presentation of candidates

Thursday 3 June
Proclamation of candidates

Friday 4 - Friday 11 June
Electoral campaign

Saturday 12 June
Day of reflection

Sunday 13 June
Election day, count and proclamation of the winners

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  1. note:

    - the candidates have eight days to collect 2.095 signatures of club members (17-25 may)

    - from 25 may to 1 june the signatures are checked

    - at the latest on 25 may, the directors who will take part in the elections have to resign

  2. hmm.. no calendar girls this time ?

  3. we don't want to become predictable, kamikaze... :-)

  4. does the electoral roll mean the list of qualified voters? and also, not saying its gonna happen but what if theres only one candidate that makes the signatures cut? is this the scenario people were thinking about when it was reported a few weeks back that there could be no elections?


  5. indeed. the electoral role is the list of all voters (basically club members, older than 18, more than 1 year membership). and we'll guide you through the process as we go through the stages :-)

    yes, indeed. if there's only one candidate there won't be elections. this was the case in 2006, when laporta was the only one to get the signatures.

  6. How do they get the signatures from the socios in the first place though? Do they have access to the names and addresses?

  7. no, they can only hope the members come to them and check the memberships cards.

    that's why most candidates don't agree that they cannot already collect signatures at the last home game against valladolid (probably on sunday 16 may).

    there you'd have a lot of club members at one place, so you could already collect a big number of signatures without having to go out there looking for the members or hoping they will come to your campaign seat.