Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Three 'Dream Team' players in candidacy Guixa

Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Guixà has said in an interview with Spanish news agency EFE that three footballers that have played at Barcelona during the period Johan Cruyff coached the team will be part of his candidacy and will replace Txiki Begiristain as sports director:

"My sports model is of course based on keeping Guardiola. Besides, we will count on a team of three sports directors and all three of those executives have been part of the Dream Team. I cannot yet reveal the name of those people, but I can tell that one of them will be reponsible for the first team, the second for the youth teams and the third for Barcelona Atlètic.

I also think that we should try for Barcelona Atlètic to promote to the second division and that's another reason why our candidacy is in favour of keeping the Miniestadi. This would give the players the opportunity to make their debut there, which is a good step for every youth player on their way to the Camp Nou."

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  1. Pep, could you write something about bank guarantees?
    You wrote about singatures and I got it all ;)
    But I don't understand anything about those bank guarantees.

  2. I want to write in since November or so, kabum, but didn't find the time yet. And it isn't getting better lately with all the candidates getting on fire... We'll see if I can find a few lost hours somewhere in the coming weeks.

    But basically: if you want to be in the board, you need to put down a guarantee of 15% of the club's budget (well, all directors together should). Unless you're part of a continuity board, but then the question is: what is a continuity board?

  3. But what does it mean, that someone gurantee financially ma acts?
    They will pay if I make huge mistakes and club will lose money?

    How can I make bank to make this guarantees? I have to pay a rate? They estimate a risk and say what percent of this milions I have to pay for guarantees?

  4. i think you might explain it quite right. i'm not an economist. but basically the club must have a guarantee in case they screw up the budget.

  5. i like this guys idea on promoting the Athletic team to the 2nd division.