Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Laporta prefers elections at the end of the season

Asked about the date of the upcoming elections that should be held between 15 March and 15 June, Barcelona president Joan Laporta has told journalists that he thinks the best possible period to organize them would be at the end of the season:

"We have not yet decided when the elections will be held. It's an issue we still have to take a closer look on. In my opinion, the best thing would be to do it at the end of season but we have to evaluate all the circumstances.

The normal thing would be to hold elections on a day a game is played but then you also have the risk of distracting the team. That's why it's maybe an option to have them at the end of the season, on a non-match day, and then we would organize some events to attract the voters.

I would like that everyone within the club - the general director, the board, the coaching staff - knows the date and that they consider it to be the right date in terms of not damaging the interests and the functioning of the team and the club.

We'll make a decision on the date of the elections when we think it's best for the club. The issue is not on the initial agenda of Friday's board meeting, although the directors can still at points to the list. I think it might be better to know the date by the end of February."

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  1. Is there a date of regional catalan vote?

  2. @Anonymous:

    If they are not brought forward, they're in the autumn.