Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rosell wants Sala i Martin as advisor

Alex Santos, journalist of Spanish news agency EFE, reports on his blog that during a press conference today, Javier Faus, a member of the board team of Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell, has said that Rosell wants to count on current Barcelona treasurer Xavier Sala i Martín as advisor if he is elected as president.

Rosell wants to form a council of Catalan economists who would give the board advice regarding the finances of the club. Sala i Martín, who's an economy professor at Columbia University in New York and who joined the Barcelona board of directors last year, is one of the names on the list of people Rosell wants to count on.

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  1. Lol

    I feel sorry for Laporta. He seems deserted and stuck with Ferrer and a yet to happen Cesc deal.

  2. Don't worry, Sala won't accept. Too much has happened.

  3. This is Rosell propaganda!! He'll never sign for Rosell. Perhaps with Ingla or Ferrer, but never with Rosell..

  4. Only last week, there was a heavy cross-fire between Faus and Sala about the debt of the club. You can't believe this offer, like you can't believe Rosell saying he maybe could accept Txiki staying. The pro-Rosell media have been attacking Sala time and time again over the last year (even his personal life), not a chance he would now accept this. And it's a shame, because people like him can add something to the club and its image abroad.

  5. if it's not true, why would rosell come out and declare this? is it for publicity?
    btw, what a jacket by sala i martin.hopefully he doesn't have 2 of those.hehe
    when the lights at camp nou go off, he will be the main source of light