Friday, June 11, 2010

Guixa will vote for Ferrer

Speaking at a press conference and further explaining his position in an open letter, former Barcelona presidential pre-candidate Jaume Guixà, who didn't pass the cut of the signatures, has said that he will vote on Sunday for presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer:

"Although I dislike the excesses of Laporta, I will vote for Jaume Ferrer. I will vote for him because I think he's a solid, serious, discreet and serene person who can deal with the pressure, because he believes in the youth academy and because I know the players and coaches respect him.

I will vote for Jaume Ferrer because he has been the most conciliatory candidate in the debates and because I like his latest proposal to include in the statutes of the club the incompatibility between being a director and having businesses in the world of sports."

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