Sunday, June 6, 2010

[2003] Txiki has talked with all six candidates

source: el mundo deportivo, sunday 8 june 2003, page 63

Txiki: "I don't support any candidate"

"I've met with everyone, but I won't commit myself to anyone until the day after the elections"

Txiki Begiristain has denied yesterday that he has joined one of the candidates for president of FC Barcelona. "I'm not supporting anyone," said the former player, who nevertheless has met, as he admitted, "with the six candidates and I've told the same thing to all, that at this moment I don't have the intention of reaching a deal with anyone until 16 June. If the new president then considers it appropriate to count on my services, we will talk about it."

In a statement to this paper, Txiki added that "everyone has my phone number and everyone knows my position. Do I have a preferences for someone in particular? No, and I precisely don't want to support anyone in concrete out of respect for all six."

Begiristain also said he had told Lluís Bassat, Joan Laporta, Jaume Llauradó, Jordi Majó, Josep Martínez-Rovira and Josep Maria Minguella that "I will be available, when one of them has won the election, to give them my opinion and to give them advice no matter if they want to go on with me or not."

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