Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Poll Voting Intentions: One Week Before

This is the final result (in percentages) of this blog's Who would you vote for in the elections for president of FC Barcelona? poll that was held one week before the elections:

Marc Ingla 37.7
Sandro Rosell 24.3
Agusti Benedito 15.9
Jaume Ferrer 15.5
Don't know/Don't answer 6.7

compare with the results of february, march, april and may here

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  1. note:
    we will hold a last poll the day before the elections

  2. Wait when it is over, in order to be sure...

  3. How many people have voted in this poll?

  4. to avoid manipulations, we don't give the number of voters, amic. who wants the numbers of all poll, can ask for them after the elections. what i can say is that with each poll we've had more voters and that we put on the highest security level to avoid that people would vote more than one time.

    of course the value of this poll is for several reason not very high. maybe you can see some trend, but in no case this claims to be a reflection of the possible result on sunday.

  5. I'm not a member, but I like Ingla's vision!! He has a great team around him and a great team outside the club. Visca Barcaaaa :)

  6. Somehow, I don't see a Rosell bombshell coming soon to derail him

  7. Sandro Rosell 24.3 % ..seriously?

    for the love of Barca .. what is wrong with U ppl! Who wants to see this man represent us?
    Oh this election is freaking me out.