Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ingla reveals his plan for Camp Nou 2.0

The candidacy of Barcelona presidential candidate Marc Ingla has yesterday presented at a press conference their "Camp Nou 2.0" project that includes the implementation of new technologies to make a visit to the stadium more user-friendly.

The candidacy wants to install a free wifi network at the Camp Nou and develop a mobile phone application that would, among other things, include a guide to your seat and to other facilities in the stadium, a chat application, line-ups, real-time statistics and action replays.

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  1. Oh dear me, this is football not NFL, fans don't have time to sit there fiddling with their mobiles to consult statistics. Sounds like a complete waste of money to me

  2. I like the idea. We should adapt to new evolutions. And with 100.000 people gathering at the same place at the same time, it has incredible business oportunities.

  3. lol@adam.
    yeah, we are not statistics mad. epl commmentors would strongly disagree though :)

  4. WTF! The people should watch the match and not play with their mobiles.

  5. @utility73:
    I think the target group doesn't include people born in 1973... :P

    I do think there are a lot of dead moments in a game where you can check some stuff. And watching replays during half-time sounds great.