Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rosell to file lawsuit against Ingla

Asked about a corruption case in Brasil he is involved in, Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell has said to journalists before a meeting with Barcelona supporters this evening that he does not want to talk about the issue and that he plans to file a claim against Marc Ingla, who also runs for president:

"Well, we're disappointed. I have not been officially accused. This is slander. This offends my honour so we need to act. Marc Ingla has crossed the line so tomorrow we will take legal action against him. This needs to stop, we demand for a clean campaign.

We should talk about Barça and the projects we have for the club because the member is not interested in all this. I ask all candidates to stop talking about the subject and I certainly will not talk about it anymore from now on."

Asked about the case, Ingla had said this morning in an interview with Catalan television channel TV3 that it seems Rosell had been charged. When the presenter corrected him and said that we were actually so far only in the stage of investigation, Ingla rectified saying that he's not familiar with legal terminology.

This evening, Ingla repeated in an interview with Catalan radio station RAC 1 that he used the wrong legal term and apologized for any misunderstandings that this could have caused. He also asked that Rosell would give further explanation about the case.

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  1. note:
    i might write a story about the case later this week

  2. He didn't say "I'm innocent". He said "I won't talk about it"...

  3. He didn't say it , because he isn't.

  4. some research about it:


  5. the blog that revealed everything is:


  6. Judging by the details given on the cronica.cat report this seems to be a lot of fuss about nothing whipped up by the antirosellista camp. If anything untoward has occurred it seems to be nothing more than a minor irregularity within the course of a legitimate business venture. Ingla, Ferrer et al should stick to talking about FCB-related issues rather than nit picking over Sandro Rosell's business activities.

  7. Cronica.cat is a Rosell site, Adam. One of his advisors works for the site and changed their whole editorial line. Quite pathetic.

    Read the Jordi Badia blog. It's an important case and it could get worse. It's just the tip of the iceberg. And this is not nit picking. I don't want my president in a Brazilian jail for bribery, that would hurt our image a lot. He needs to come out and explain himself.

  8. Toni, Jordi Badia is not an impartial source, he's an ally of Laporta and therefore firmly in the antirosellista camp. Secondly, Rosell won't be going to jail because if anything untowards has happened it is a matter of civil law, not criminal law and if action is to be taken it would result in no more than a fine for Rosell's company.

  9. Check your sources, Adam. Jordi Badia is NOT an ally of Laporta, who actually threw him out of the club in 2008. Rosell attacks him now by saying he will return to the club if Ingla wins, but Badia has repeated that he will never again take up a post in the club.

    No matter what side he's on, he proves his story with official documents that the Rosell camp has not been able to contradict.

    I don't want my president in a court, not in a civil and not in a criminal case. He has his mouth full of "ethics" and "transparency" but he cannot even implement that in his own businesses.

    And if in the civil case there appears to be bribery for example, it can turn into a criminal case. Like some of the other cases this governor has been involved in and for which he spent some time in jail earlier this year.

  10. could someone pls explain why its only a civil case when it seems the charges are based on some government bidding procedures (which would be criminal in other places) being bypassed to allow this particular transaction to take place? would be great if you guys could point me to an english news site that has reported on this. thanks..

  11. we will tommorow try to make a story about it, anony. i don't guess there are english news sources available at this moment.

    i think they're know first looking into the bidding procedure. if there's only something technically wrong with that, i guess it will stay a civil-adinistrative case. if there's more too it, it could also become a criminal case, as Toni suggests.