Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Quotes: Godall, Ferrer, Salvat, Soriano, Rosell

"Both Ferran Soriano and Marc Ingla, who got to know agents and other people in the world of football when they were economic and sports vice-presidents, have received phone calls with suggestions and offers regarding players. We will contact Txiki and transmit him all the information we received."

Alfons Godall

"We want to collect around 10.000 signatures."

Jaume Ferrer

"We have carried out a poll in the surroundings of the Camp Nou that indicated that we would win with 42% of the votes"

Santiago Salvat

"It's ridiculous that a candidate thinks that he has more possibilities than the club to sign players."

Ferran Soriano

"Pep shouldn't have total control. He only needs the power that the coach of Barcelona should have."

Sandro Rosell

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1 comment:

  1. So you have changed the Ferguson plan mister Rosell, even before being elected !
    This man can't tolerate the idea of giving some power to others, and what he didn't say really, which is what he is going to do , is that Pep should take instructions from him and act accordingly

    I don't know why people are standing by him just because he is Rosell , but nobody wants to think about his ideas and his project , just like Perez !!