Friday, May 28, 2010

The Quotes: Ferrer, Perrin, Salvat, Rosell, Plaza

"There are 30.000 new club members who joined during this mandate, who never go the stadium and who are difficult to control."

Jaume Ferrer

"The lawyers of Alexandre are the same ones who for years have launched claims against the club."

Albert Perrín

"In the coming days we will make things public that will change the balance."

Santiago Salvat

"When I was born, they gave me the name Alessandro, but when they wanted to register the name, the government only accepted names included in a list of saints. So they had to change it to Alejandro, although in the end it became Alexandre."

Sandro Rosell

"Sandro Rosell has already copied two of our proposals, a youth stand and an own travel agency. Nonetheless, the media have claimed the ideas were his."

Alexis Plaza

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