Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More about Guixa (2): Guardiola in, Begiristain out

As this blog had revealed a few weeks earlier, Jauma Guixà, a 51-year old Catalan university professor, has announced that he will take part in next year's elections for president of FC Barcelona.

Guixà is the president of a Barcelona fan club and was already a pre-candidate in 2006 when he wasn't able to collect the signatures needed (read more
here). This blog will publish some of the statements made by Guixà at a press conference last Wednesday.

I want to congratulate the magnificent players of the first team and the technical staff because it's thanks to them, and not to the board of directors, that Barcelona is going strong at this moment.

Pep Guardiola is sacred, I count on him and his team 100 percent because of what he has shown as a player, as the coach of Barcelona Atlètic and by making history with the first team. From Pep Guadiola down, we don't plan to touch anything or anyone.

Begiristain and Oliver
From Pep Guardiola up, everyone should leave. I don't trust Joan Oliver or Txiki Begiristain. They won't be part of my project.

Financing of his campaign
The total cost will be clear in a few weeks from now. I can only say that until this moment everything has been paid by myself and that I can guarantee we will get to the end of the election process. I will give further explanations after the elections are called.

Date of the elections
I think that the board could call the elections soon after the end of the World Cup for Clubs in December, so Laporta would have more time to start his new career in the world of politics and prepare his participation in the Catalan parliamentary elections later next year.

Linking up with others
I don't plan to join another pre-candidate but my group is open for all Barcelona fans who want to work in the benefit of the club.

His run in 2006
I will never again take part in elections that will be held in August or the summer. Now I have a lot more time to convince the members and to collect the signatures. Although I want to point out that in the end, I came out stronger because I got to know the club members and their wishes better.

this is the second part of a three-parts serie. you can read the first part here. you will be able to read third and last part in the coming days with guixà giving his opinion, among other things, on the plan to remodel the camp nou.

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