Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Xavi has a favourite candidate in the elections

Asked about the upcoming elections for president of FC Barcelona, Barcelona player Xavi Hernández, who won't be able to vote because he will be on South Africa to take part in the World Cup, has said that he has a preference although he won't reveal it:

"Honestly, I have a favourite candidate and I hope that he will win. But I have to keep a bit out of all this, also because I won't even be able to vote. I would ask the new president only one thing: that he leaves Guardiola alone so he can do his job and that he assures the continuity of the current sports model."

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  1. well said xavi, could not agree more with wat he said about Guardiola

  2. since he wishes that the new president would leave guardiola alone and assures the continuity makes me guess that he is rooting for a non-continuity candidate.
    i could be totally wrong though. just my assumption

  3. Xavi is a "laportista".

  4. I'm pretty sure that Xavi couldn't vote anyway as a current player of FCB, I think I read in the statutes a couple of weeks ago that players from all sections are prohibited from voting.

  5. players can vote according to article 37 of the statutes, adam. you probably mix up with a condition from article 38 on being eligible as member of the board. i put the relevant texts below.

    Article 37.- Conditions for being an elector.

    Electors will be all members that satisfy all of the following conditions:

    a) To be an adult and not legally incapacitated.
    b) To have been a Club member for a minimum of one year.
    c) Not to be on suspended membership.
    d) To be included in the current Electoral Roll in accordance with article 43.

    Article 38.- Conditions for being eligible.

    d) Not to have been associated to FC Barcelona as a player, trainer, member of the coaching staff or employee during the two years prior to the calling of elections.

  6. I think Xavi prefers Ferrer, when he says: "leave Guardiola alone" he is talking about Rosell. When Rosell was the Vicepresident he didn't let Rijhaard to do his job until he left.
    Besides, Xavi would like the continuity because Ferrer and his team were the ones who made his new contract.
    And of course, Xavi and Laporta have a close relationship.

  7. Correct Pep, thanks for clarifying that for me

  8. hes saying that he cant vote because hes away with the spain squad preparing for world cup