Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekly Round-Up (25): The Final Four

Every week an overview of the posts from this blog, written by Xaviniesta, is published on Barcelona news site totalBarca.

The collection of 2,095 signatures of support needed by the candidates to qualify them for the final vote on June 13 ended on Tuesday with four out of seven candidates beating the deadline.

Sandro Rosell delivered an impressive 13,618 signatures, followed by Marc Ingla with 4,744, Jaume Ferrer with 4.442, and Agusti Benedito with 2896. Pre-candidates Santiago Salvat, Jaume Guixa and Alexis Plaza failed to present their support slips and are considered dropped from the race.

Earlier reports indicated that Rosell completed the required 2,095 signatures days ahead of the June 1 deadline. Rosell earlier requested the board to allow him to use his nickname “Sandro” instead of his given name “Alexandre” which is printed on the support slips, but his appeal was rejected by the electoral board.

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  1. According to Carazo the 'bomb' is set to explode tomorrow.

  2. many thanks for the summary, xaviniesta!

  3. the fact that he launches his bomb on the website on a sunday probably says something about the value of it... he says it will go around half of the world, so i guess it'll be some transfer rumour like "rosell has pre-agreement with cesc/torres".

  4. I expect something that will be ridiculous rather than shocking but if that will be a transfer rumour then he will hit a new low point.