Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Poll result: Who would you vote for today?

If the elections for the presidency of Barça would be today, who would you vote for?

Sandro Rosell 56,8%
Ferran Soriano 11,4%
Xavier Sala i Martín 9,6%
Alfons Godall 5,9%
I don't know 10,8%
Other answers 5,7%

total votes: 800
date poll: 29 november 2009
poll method: interviews with club members who have the right to vote by polling agency Gesop in the surroundings of the Camp Nou around the time of the league game against Real Madrid, 95% certainty, 3,5% margin of error
source: el periódico

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  1. Personally I think that Sandro is best prepared if elections were to happen now.

  2. i bet he worked the crowd before kickoff.

  3. He is working the broader crowd, Xaviniesta, although this is probably the most reliable poll so far. With no board cndidate appointed and being unclear what Soriano will do, it's of course still very early.

  4. So when is the big guy supposed to give his speech? At first it was supposed to be on Wednesday, and nothing happened and then today and nothing yet. Only thing he has done is speak with a university professor this week but we are all still waiting to see what he will promise.

  5. Wednesday (which was actually Thursday), apparently was a misunderstanding, IBES. Newsagency EFE interpreted that wrongly, it seems.

    He just gave a seminar on "Football dreams" - as is explained in today's post - and said he won't talk until the campaign starts, so that would be far into 2010.

  6. oh ok, I thought it was odd because Rosell doesn't usually something and then bail out on it.

    Guess we will have to wait till January to get hints of who will really run. Thanks for the info.