Monday, June 14, 2010

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Rosell: "I thank my family, my team and the volunteers who helped during the campaign. I thank the people to trust in me. I won't fail. I will never forget I'm just another club member. Visca el Barça i Visca Catalunya!"

Rosell: "What a long day it has been... First I want to congratulate the club member. The club member has won today. The high turn-out shows that the member wanted to speak out. Today starts a dream for me. I want a Catalan Barça, an open Barça, a solidary Barça."

Cubells: "We declare Alexandre Rosell i Feliu the winner of the elections and the new president of FC Barcelona."

Board secretay Josep Cubells ready to officially announce the results of the vote in the pressroom. Sandro Rosell and his board sitting front-row.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

23:00 - 24:00

Sandro Rosell will from 1 July on be the 39th president in the history of FC Barcelona. Congratulations to the new president and his board team!

Final result: Rosell 61,35%, Benedito 14,09%, Ingla 12,29% and Ferrer 10,80%.

Image of the press room.

Official result (99,17% counted): Rosell 61,4%, Benedito 14,1%, Ingla 12,2% and Ferrer 10,8%.

Ferrer: "It seems incredible that we couldn't convince the people to continue with this successful model. My team did a good job, I'm at fault. I'll leave the club satisfied. I've worked a lot, it's time to rest."

The pressroom waiting for the official announcement of the result.

Official result (93,33% counted): Rosell 61,4%, Benedito 14%, Ingla 12,2% and Ferrer 10,8%.

Sandro Rosell waiting for the last results in his lounge at the Camp Nou

Official result (88,33% counted): Rosell 61,5%, Benedito 14%, Ingla 12,2% and Ferrer 10,8%.

Official result (80,83% counted): Rosell 61,5%, Benedito 14%, Ingla 12,2% and Ferrer 10,8%.

22:00 - 23:00

Official result (54,17% counted): Rosell 61,6%, Benedito 13,8%, Ingla 12,2% and Ferrer 10,9%.

Official result (38,33% counted): Rosell 61,2%, Benedito 14%, Ingla 12,4% and Ferrer 11,1%.

Official result (28,33% counted): Rosell 61,4%, Benedito 13,9%, Ingla 12,3% and Ferrer 11%.

Official result (20% counted): Rosell 61%, Benedito 13,9%, Ingla 12,6% and Ferrer 11,2%.

Official result (12,50% counted): Rosell 60,3%, Benedito 14%, Ingla 12,7% and Ferrer 11,4%.

Official result (5,83% counted): Rosell 59,7%, Benedito 14,4%, Ingla 12,9% and Ferrer 11,3%.

Official result (2,50% counted): Rosell 59,8%, Benedito 14,7%, Ingla 13,6% and Ferrer 10,3%.

Rosell: "I don't yet want to react, it's still too early. I'm happy with the turn-out."

Sandro Rosell and his board team posing at the Camp Nou.

Official result (2 of 120 tables counted): Rosell 60,2%, Ingla 15%, Benedito 14,2% and Ferrer 9,2%.

21:00 - 22:00

Ingla: "First we should congratulate Sandro and his team. We have to accept the result. Maybe we decided a bit too late to run."

Ferrer: "We're very disappointed. We congratulate Sandro Rosell and wish him the best. I also thank all voters who came to vote."

Benedito: "We have a new president, I have congratulated him and I hope he does well. In one week we have achieved a lot. We'll see what the future will bring. It was good to see Laporta came to congratulate me, I didn't see him for a while."

Sandro Rosell has left the Camp Nou and is heading to his headquarters in the centre of Barcelona.

Jaume Ferrer: "The result is clear. We should analyze in the coming days what has happened."

Joan Laporta: "It's always good to have a large support of the members, it's important. I hope they will continue on the same way so we can stay the best club in the world. Since the results aren't yet official, it's nevertheless still too early for "

Josep Maria Bartomeu (candidacy Sandro Rosell): "We will wait until the official results. We thank everyone who has come out to vote."

Exit poll TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio:
Rosell 62.2%, Benedito 14.7%, Ingla 12% and Ferrer 9.9%

20:00 - 21:00

Marc Ingla accompanied his wife and former director Claudia Vives-Fierro when she cast her vote this afternoon.

Press conference Josep Cubells (board secretary) and Joan Oliver (chief executive): "This is a record number of voters. We hope to announce the final result at 11 pm tonight."

At 20 pm, 52.953 people had already cast their vote, which is a particaption degree of 44,62%. In 2003, there were 46.812 people, which was 49,62%.

People shouting "president, president!" when Guardiola casts his vote. The coach doesn't make any statement.

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has cast his vote.

19:00 - 20:00

It is confirmed that Marc Ingla, Jaume Ferrer and Agustí Benedito last night had a dinner trying to form a united candidacy. A deal wasn't possible because they couldn't find an agreement about who should lead the candidacy.

Txiki Begiristain (sports director): "I'm here as just another member. My future? At this moment, I have a contract until 30 June. I want to continue but things will depend on the new president. And if you want to excuse me now, I have work to do and should go and watch Barça Atlètic."

Javier Bordas (candidacy Sandro Rosell): "We will wait for the results together with the whole team at the Camp Nou."

The media and fans are waiting for the arrival of Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola.

Sandro Rosell posing with fans outside the stadium.

Ramon Estebe (candidacy Jaume Ferrer): "Jaume has gotten a lot of support from the fans today. The turn-out is a triumph for the club. I'm serene but also tired, it has been a long campaign."

Reyna: "It's important that all members come out and vote. The more voters, the better for the club. I think the atmosphere is calm and optimistic. The campaign? I think we could have avoided some things but it could have been worse too, so let's say the campaign was ok."

Former president Enric Reyna (2003) has cast his vote.

At 7 pm, 47.716 people had already cast their vote, which is a particaption rate of 40,21%. In 2003, there were 40.445 voters, which was 42,87%.

18:00 - 19:00

Two former Catalan presidents have voted this afternoon: Josep Pujol (1980-2003) was accompanied by Sandro Rosell, while Pasqual Maragall (2003-2006) was accompanied by Marc Ingla.

Xavier Sala i Martin (treasurer): "I think everything is going well. I have nothing to say about the campaign, the members are voting now and that's it. I'm coming here to vote and later to assist the game of Barcelona Atlètic."

Nunez: "This is an important day for the club. I think it was a good campaign. What I expect from the next president? First I should know who the next president is."

Former Barcelona president Josep Lluis Nunez (1978-2000) has cast his vote.

Agusti Benedito posing with Barcelona fans in the surroundings of the Camp Nou.

Marc Ingla: "This day is passing very quickly. I'm walking around the whole time, greeting fans and it's all very emotional. We have good feelings, it's clear the undecided voters have come out to vote. We have to congratulate the club for the organization. A little bad point were the Boixos Nois hooligans insulting people and cheering in favour of a candidate."

Marc Carrasco (candidacy Agustí Benedito): "The turn-out is great and shows how unique this club is. The people react well to Agusti and shows that we have done a good job."

80% from the voters until now are from the province of Barcelona, 11% from the rest of Catalonia, 5% from the rest of Spain and 4% come from abroad.

Manel Arroyo (candidacy Sandro Rosell): "It was a nice campaign, with a lot of contact with the fans. The energy you receive from the people makes you go on."

At 6 pm, 42.325 people had already cast their vote, which is a particaption rate of 35.67%. In 2003, there were 35.165 voters, which was 37.27%.

Benedito: "I'm receiving a lot of support of the fans. I think they are aware that these elections are important for the future of the club. I think we're doing well, let's see if that will be confirmed later."

17:00 - 18:00

Joan Boix (candidacy Jaume Ferrer): "We're very happy with the turn-out, seems we're gonna have a record number of voters, which is good for the legitimacy of the new president."

Albert Perrin (candidacy Jaume Ferrer): "The turn-out is very high, a little surprising but very good for the club. We're realistic but working for Jaume being the next president. I think there has been quite a lot of manipulations during the campaign, but that's how it is, we should look forward. This is democracy."

Marc Ingla giving an interview at the Camp Nou.

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola is expected to vote at 8 pm.

Victor Munoz (former player and coach): "I decided my vote on my personal contacts."

Press conference Josep Cubells (board secretary) and Joan Oliver (chief executive): "We received one formal complaint by Jaume Ferrer and we quickly solved the matter, as we did with other problems we were informed about."

At 5 pm, 37.801 people had already cast their vote, which is a particaption rate of 31,85%. In 2003, there were 31.352 voters, which was 33,23%.

16:00 - 17:00

Albert Vicens (candidacy Marc Ingla): "This is a great moment for the club. Marc is still in and around the stadium, greeting the members and giving interviews. How more members are coming to vote, how greater this club us. The club has done a good job in attracting the members and their families to come to the Camp Nou."

There are 120 electoral tables were people can go and cast their vote. The tables are ranked according to the name of the voters, in alphabetical order.

The stadium is open and the fans can walk around the pitch.

Lluís Bassat (runner-up in 2000 and 2003): "I'm very happy to have the chance to vote, this is what makes this club special. The campaign was quite short, but well-disputed. There were a lot of undecided voters, but in the end they won't change the result."

Marc Ingla and his team had a lunch in the Camp Nou.

At 3 pm, 34.524 people had already cast their vote, which is a particaption rate of 29,09%. In 2003, there were 29.009 voters, which was 30,75%.

Montal: "I've voted for who can be the best president after Joan Laporta. Whoever will be the new president, I hope he will have a lot of success."

Former Barcelona president Agustí Montal (1969-1977) has cast his vote.

15:00 - 16:00

A lot of children are accompanying their parents when they come to the Camp Nou to vote.

Barcelona chief executive Joan Oliver was one of the first to vote after the elections started at 9 am this morning.

Barcelona presidential candidate Agustí Benedito has complained that at some places the papers with his name have disappeared. Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer has complained that at some places the papers with his name were covered by papers with the name of Sandro Rosell."

78% of the people who are able to vote are male, 22% are female.

At 3 pm, 32.495 people had already cast their vote, which is a particaption rate of 27,38%. In 2003, there were 27.671 voters, which was 29,33%.

14:00 - 15:00

The fans can today get a free tour in the stadium, which includes a visit to the dressing-room of the first team.

Jordi Moix (candidacy Sandro Rosell): "I'll vote this afternoon, together with my wife. There's a big turn-out, which is very good for the club. It's a special day for all of us."

Time for dinner is arriving in Barcelona.

Former president Josep Lluís Núñez is expected to vote around 6 pm.

Press conference Josep Cubells (board secretary) and Joan Oliver (chief executive): "We didn't receive any formal complaints but there have been some possible problems, so we have strengthened some security measures. Besides that, it's very probable there will be a record number of voters."

At 14 pm, 28.938 people had already cast their vote, which is a particaption degree of 24,39%. In 2003, there were 24.513 people, which was 25,98%.

13:00 - 14:00

To convince people to come to the Camp Nou and vote, the club has organized all kind of free activities in and around the stadium. The fans can for example visit the team bus.

Jacint Borras (board member): "I'm on my way to the vote. I'll vote for Jaume Ferrer. He would be a great president for Barça, keeping the model but changing the style."

... and put it in an envelop

Voters need to pick the paper with the name of their favourite candidate...

Josep Ribas (candidacy Jaume Ferrer): "It has been an interesting, animated campaign. It was all new to me. Today is a day of nerves."

At 13 pm, 21.570 people had already cast their vote, which is a particaption degree of 18,8%. In 2003, there were 18.799 people, which was 19,93%.

Carles Rexach (former player and coach): "There are a lot of people, which is good. I support Rosell but I feel there are a lot of undecided voters. Let's hope the winner has a big lead, that would be good for the club."

Javier Faus (candidacy Sandro Rosell): "Sandro is a friend, we have been working for years together, so this is a special day. Sandro is tired, after a long campaign, but he is confident about winning."

12:00 - 13:00

Josep Maria Bartomeu (candidacy Sandro Rosell): "I'm happy with the turn-out. We don't have any polls, we'll wait."

Barcelona president Joan Laporta surrounded by people when doing a walk around the stadium.

Former Barcelona president Joan Gaspart (2000-2003) has voted.

Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer voting earlier today.

Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell voting earlier today.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta voting earlier today.

Agustí Benedito: "We hope to cause some upset. Or some joy, depends how you look at it. What is clear is that if Sandro Rosell doesn't win, we will."

Josep Cubells (board secretary): "I didn't yet vote, I'm controlling everything what is happening. There are very few problems. I will vote later today when there are fewer people."

Josep Maria Minguella (candidate in 2003, this year part of the pre-candidacy of Santiago Salvat): "I think there are a lot of undecided voters. Many people asked me who to vote for."

Ingla: "I'm confident but one has to be modest. It's a tight game and the final outcome is unsure. The members have the last word."

At 12 pm, 12.937 people had already cast their vote, which is a particaption degree of 10,90%. The total number is higher than in 2003, the percentage is lower (more than 13% in 2003).

Oriol Bueno (candidacy Agustí Benedito): "This is a great day for the club, we have the hope to be elected today."

11:00 - 12:00

Rafael Yuste (sports vice-president): "It's a great day for the club. I hope Jaume wins and that this model can continue."

All four candidates have now cast their vote.

Ingla was accompanied by key members of his team, in the first place Ferran Soriano, Albert Vicens and Alfons Godall.

Marc Ingla casts his vote at 11:44.

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The club members could get two free tickets for tonight's game Barcelona Atlètic-Sant Andreu at the Miniestadi. The club informs that there aren't any tickets left.

Benedito: "I'm sure Sandro Rosell won't win because the favorite never wins."

At 11 am, 6.171 people had already cast their vote, which is a particaption degree of 5,20%. This percentage is a record, higher than in 2003 (4,46%) and 2000 (4,46%).

Press conference Josep Cubells (board secretary) and Joan Oliver (chief executive): "Apart from some little things, everything is going normally."

Ferran Soriano: "Marc is calm. It has been a complicated campaign, but we can't change anything now. We're waiting the result now and we'll accept it."

Marc Ingla at the Camp Nou.

Benedito: "Over the last days, we've received a lot of support and I'm convinced I will be president."

Benedito: "I'm very happy. The elections are a key moment in the life of a club member."

Agustí Benedito has casted his vote at 11:04.

Laporta: "It's an emotional day. I feel as if I'm finishing a job well-done. I think we're leaving the club when it's at a peak, the best club in the world, a world-wide reference."

Laporta being interviewed at Barça TV.

10:00 - 11:00

Ferrer: "I thank president Laporta for his support. He thinks I'm the best guarantee for this model to continue."

Ferrer: "I'm very happy, it's a nice day. I thank all the members who are coming to vote."

Jaume Ferrer has casted his vote at 10:52. Some people shouting "Jaume president."

Rosell: "I hope from tomorrow on, we're all united. We don't want to divide."

Rosell: "We should be very careful until the vote ends, we won't make any statements. We'll see this evening."

Marc Ingla and Ferran Soriano outside the Camp Nou, together with members of their candidacy (Carmé Miró and Victor Font).

Rosell has casted his vote at 10:29, toghether with his wife and his parents. After his vote, a few people shouted "Sandro president!"

Godall: "The four key members of our candicay - Marc, Ferran, Albert and myself - will vote together."

The press waiting for Rosell are cheering because he's already more than 20 minutes too late.

Ferrer: "I'm calm and happy. It's a special day for the club and I hope that a lot of people will vote. I see that everything is well-organized and things are going as they should."

Jaume Ferrer will cast his vote in 15 minutes, at 10:30 am.

Agustí Benedito announces that he will vote around 11 am.

At 10 am, 2.487 people had already cast their vote, which is a particaption degree of 2,10%. In 2003, there were 2.947 voters at 10 am.

Ingla: "I will vote between 11 am and 12 pm. Will I win? It's up to the members to decide that. At this moment I'm a candidate."

Jaume Ferrer is also inside the stadium to cast his vote. Ferrer is waiting for his wife to arrive so they can vote together.

The media are waiting for Sandro Rosell, who is expected to cast his vote at 10 pm.